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On the way home today I drove past one of my favorite bike shops.

"Going out of Business sale"


I build my own bikes but I've done a lot of business here for labor I couldn't do, parts I like after touching them in a real store, etc.  There are fewer and fewer bike shops around these days.

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We've only lost one shop in the past few years.

Unfortunately it was the BEST one. :(. It didn't die for want of business, just that the owners had had enough of retail. Rumor has it that they had a buyer lined up, but the owner of the building got greedy and jacked the rent, so the deal fell through. 

The shop I used to work in is still around (god knows how) and there's another shop that has everything, but has an attitude to match. Then there's a shop a little further out that's really out of my way and they kinda don't know much.

There's another shop outside Utica that's pretty good - I know the owner and he's a decent dude - but I don't get out that way often.

Once in a great while, I make a road trip out @Airehead's way - that's a nice shop that has everything.

There are two small repair type places that have opened up near me and I'd just as soon buy from them, but it seems like they're never open.

So mostly, I buy online. 

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