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5 hours ago, BuffJim said:

Hey Kirby,

BuffCarla and I did that trip last September. Great part of the world.

We did Portland (Old Orchard beach), Acadia (Southwest Harbor), Mt Washington (Jackson NH), and Burlington VT. Stayed in Country Inns. Great trip.

Sounds wonderful, but I'm just visiting Portland and Bar Harbor.  Normally I plan trips carefully and far in advance, but I ended up with a break at work and pulled this together at the last minute.  I am stopping over in New Hampshire on my way home and may see my niece who is at grad school there.

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28 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

How do you think I feel?  5 days in NY and both Kirby and Randomguy run away! :angry:

Your feelings are irrelevant. If you had met Kirby first I would never speak to either of you again. This worked out well for me all things considered. 

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