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Not many plays available for a 3rd & 93.

On a totally unrelated note, circa 1955, the Browns starting QB (Otto Graham) had been injured on the previous possession and the Browns were now backed up to their own 10 yard line. Brown didn't have any confidence in his back-up QB ( who may or may not have been George Ratterman) and told him to run a screen pass, a fullback carry up the middle, a keeper / end sweep, and then punt the ball to the opponent. BTW with Paul Brown their weren't any discussions, opinions, or deviations from his plan.

So, dutifully the QB threw the screen pass (which gained 25 yards), ran the fullback (which gained another 25 yards), and ran the sweep for 30 yards. So, with the ball at 1st & goal from the opponent's 10 yardline, the QB obeyed the coach, stepped back and punted the ball out of the stadium.

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