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I am very concerend about my bunny population


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The coyote probably scared them off for a bit. They'll be back. :) 

My Morning Bunny hasn't been around a lot either. She was here the other day (I know it's her cuz she comes running to me when she hears the sunflower seeds ratting in the plastic bowl), but she hasn't been around much this summer. Probably lots of other food since it's summer. Probably same for your bunnies. 

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Maybe they came down here. I saw two in the yard across the road from my brother's house in Linthicum, Maryland.

One hopped away when I walked out into the street to get into my car.  The other stayed still as a lawn ornament even though I was only about 25 feet away.

You'd think natural selection would have bred-into the rabbits the instinct to do one thing or the other by now.  Or maybe a 50:50 chance of picking one of the other means part of the population will always be right and live to breed like bunnies!

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We've had a bumper crop this year. That's probably purely coincidental with the Barred Owl hoots I've been hearing the last few  nights. :whistle:

As long as he doesn't murder one under the bedroom window at 2AM like once before. Took me about ten minutes to peel myself off the ceiling.


When I see bunnies in the yard, I like yelling "GUS! Your friends are here.....!" He only half-ass chases them, but it amuses him.

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