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Anyone like Cheddar?


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56 minutes ago, Frank Calico Cat said:

She's beautiful but not sure I can get passed the mustache.   ;)


41 minutes ago, Kirby said:

This is her kitten daddy, you don't want to mess with him.




Looks like a tough guy. Look at that, he killed a car and brought it home for you. 

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8 hours ago, pedalphile said:

Cheddar is a Cutie. It's nearly 30 years ago I took on my 1st cat. A few weeks later it looked like she was pregnant, a little later out of her popped 5 kittens, so I was from no cats to 6 cats in a few weeks. I ended up keeping 2 of the kittens. btw, why Cheddar?

My sister named her and she has an unfortunate tendency to name her cats with food names - probably cheddar because of the orange tones.  When/if I inherit her from my Mom, I'll call her Trudy. :nodhead:

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