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Sunday Morning Breakfast!


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Took the leftover hashbrowns..added the seriously needed salt & pepper..and some onion..made them okay..but not near as good as mine...nuked the bacon to warm it up add 2 eggs..1 over easy and the other wrecked yoke :wacko:..  It was okay...

Enjoying a pot of tea (Iron Goddess of Mercy...Oolong)

:loveshower::loveshower:  It is a lovely day!

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Good morning!  It is a lovely day here too!  I had serial without the peaches since they are not ripening properly, just turning to brown mush.  The season is over. :(  Time to move on to apples.

I tried the cappuccino from a small chain of convenience stores and it is not good.

But thankfully it is a lovely day!



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