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Happy Anniversary

Square Wheels

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

It's been a terrific four years.  While it's likely I'll never actually meet most of you, we are still a family.  A modern, internet family.  We know each other, support each other and get along well.

This has been a great four years and I look forward to many more to come.

And two years later, the new guys came along.  Does that make us the forum love children? 

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Happy Belated Anniversary O' Great Square Thing.  I missed the big celebration yesterday.

@Square Wheels, thanks for all you do for us.  This is my annual "don't be a twit" post.  My one time during the year where I'm serious.  For all the grief I give you, I appreciate your efforts here.  You have a tough job, herding all us cats and some of us don't make your job any easier.  

Thanks for the 4 great years and here's to many more.


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