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Adventure Cycling

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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Thinking about letting my membership expire at the end of this year.  I originally joined because I'd done some bike camping and the organization seemed to have that as part of their mission.  Over time I've noticed they don't seem much interested in the shorter one- or two-night trips that I like to do.  I almost get they feeling they treat them as an embarrassing stepchild. 

Everything they sell is outrageously expensive.  I'm sure their trips are great, but they are expensive as well.

Most of the trips they feature in their magazine are somewhat interesting to read, but don't reflect 'real' people.  I mean, very few exceptional people have the time and resources to ride around the world or name-your-trip-to-this-exotic-place-or-other.  I'd find the stories more interesting if they not only talked about the trip, but where the person got the resources and the back story of how the people strove to get those resources together.

They do have a website call bikeovernights.org dedicated to short trips but it doesn't seem to get much attention or activity.  I think there's far more people that could do a bike overnight style trip than there are those who could take a trip of several weeks or months, and bike overnights are a type of recreation within the means of many more people than longer, more formal, supported trips.  I imagine Adventure Cycling has done the marketing analysis and the math, and they've figured out where their profit lies (and it's not in overnights) - which is what every business should do if they want to survive.

Anyway, since it seems their focus and mine differ it's time to let my membership expire.  I can't wait to get the deluge of mail and emails trying to convince me to sign back up. 

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6 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I can't wait to get the deluge of mail and emails trying to convince me to sign back up. 

I play that game with BJ's Wholesale every year. I let the membership expire and wait for the "please come back, here's ten bucks off..." in the mail.

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