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I did something very odd this weekend, please share your criticism and thoughts


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It was a working weekend for my shift. Friday-Sunday, 7 pm until 7 am

Instead of using 23 hours of personal leave to be off 1 week a month, I decided to use vacation time to go into work at 1:30 am on Friday and Sunday. 

It was very relaxing and much less stress. My coworkers thought it was nuts but it actually was pretty cool. Still, hard to give up being off an entire week but nice knowing I can kill both monthly long weekends by doing this. 

Wilbur is a punk?  


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13 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Knowing I have to go to work shortly would probably tinge the hours off, so I'd probably prefer a full day off, but if that schedule helps you deal with the work schedule, then it's a good idea. :nodhead:

Definitely experienced that. It was the time actually at work that was greatly improved. Only so many posts they can assign me and huge difference in working 5.75 hours and working 12.50.   :slow-dance-smiley:

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We had a maintenance guy where I worked that would take three weeks vacation and come in on weekends and work twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday and get paid for 44 hours. He was the best worker they had in skills and knowledge and they really needed him there but it was his choice to come in or not.

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