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So did any of you guys go to SW's big anniversary party yesterday?


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5 minutes ago, Kirby said:

I was driving home from Maine and could have stopped in but I wasn't invited.

That was pretty rude of him.  I'm not sure which of the forum slugs were there but you would have livened up the place. 

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See, this is why one pays the annual membership fee!

I could not attend, but for those who could not attend the Big Party the annual membership fee always includes a real paper thank-you card



personally signed by His Squareness.  

But wait! There's more!!!   :nodhead:

You also get a most stylish birthday/party hat



your very own certified-never-been-used-much-(we-think) party noise maker, complete with streamers at no extra charge:


A link to your very own party so you may enjoy your hat and noisemaker



and lastly but not leastly - a couple of sprigs of kale (since cake would only get smashed in the mail):


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