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File this in the "Yeah, right" category


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Nearly $2 million was stolen outside a DeKalb County bank. 

Tipsters can also remain anonymous, and be eligible for rewards of up to $2,000


Oh for goodness sake! :rolleyes:

So the bank loses $2 million and offer 'rewards' of up to $2,000.

Anybody with half a brain - who knows who the robber is - would figure out they could get far more money by blackmailing the robber than they'd get from the reward by turning him in.

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13 hours ago, Old#7 said:

I have 35 years experience at financial institutions. 25 in Internal Audit and Risk Management. I know many ways to clean that pile of cash.

I have almost 20 years in the medical field, 10 of that taking organs out of dead people.  I know things as well.  Like how to get rid of a body.  You and I would make a really good team.

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