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No miles and such thread for today? 9-22 miles.


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33.1 miles to the Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale and back. Fargo pulling the trailer with the 48 quart cooler in it.  Empty on the way there.  Full of sausage, bacon and big eye swiss cheese on the way home. 18 fresh apple fritters in a box on top.  60 lbs heavier on the way back home. Mostly paved but  2 miles of dirt road that was closed.  Pavement removed to bare dirt.  @Dirtyhip thinks roadies don't work hard enough.  Pulling a 70 lb trailer over that 2 miles of rough dirt  was work.  It is a road.  Google maps told me that. 624.7 miles total for the month.  I may be leading @bikeman564™ today but if he does centuries tomorrow and Sunday I'm sure he will be well ahead.

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2 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I admire your will power.

I would have gotten home with a mysteriously empty box... :whistle:

:unhappy::unhappy: I have a fasting blood test at the hospital in the morning.  That couldn't happen. Anyway I can't eat 30 lbs of cheese that fast.  The apple fritters were for our neighbor.

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I did five miles in my kayak again. I caught two 24 inch catfish and met three ladies. They showed me a picture of a musky that was swimming beside their kayaks. They ask me what kind of fish it was. It looked to be 40 inches long or so. I don't think I could land one of those from a kayak.

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