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Sorry for jumping all over people, I am in a really pissy mood.  It's been getting worse for a few days, maybe I'll post a little less for a while.  All is well, all are healthy, just feeling sorry for myself (for no apparent reason) and taking it out on people.

@AirwickWithCheese is now in charge.  I expect the place to be properly decorated when I come back.

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Cut yourself a little slack.  At least you've recognized you're a little out of sorts, and more importantly, you accepted that you're responsible for your own actions.  Most people today would moan about how it's not their fault and how they are a victim of such-or-other. 

I have much greater respect for people who exhibit the former behavior (which you did) than those who exhibit the latter behavior (as you did not).

Having an infrequent off day or two does not make one a 'bad' person.  It simply means that person is human, and not an unchanging machine. 

I think most of us are mature enough to recognize when someone is having a temporary difficult time and are willing to make allowances.  And even if I'm so, so wrong about the level of maturity I still think people here will grant you a little leeway.

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