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Welcome donkpow

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8 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

I take it that donk is another of those refugees that rafted over from the forum that shall not be named?

Yup!  It was hit by several hurricanes and was flattened. :(  

Welcome, donkpow!   

Videos will play here without interruption even while you post. :)

Now we need square1. :) (Not the same person as The Square One, at least AFAIK.)

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5 minutes ago, donkpow said:

I am glad to see many people I may recognize from the other forum. Even though we weren't bunk mates, whenever somebody disappeared, I was worried for them. 

I stayed there more than here till my log in quit working.  A year or so ago after one of the changes it wouldn't work.  I tried to reset everything and even tried to create a new account and had no luck so I was gone there.  Occasionally would go and read what was there like I did for over 2 years before I started posting. I didn't leave LF. LF left me.

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