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My SIL is very nice


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1 minute ago, pedalphile said:

But is she hot?

Not at all.  At all, at all.  She is older (about 60) smokes every 20 minutes outside (thankfully), and weighs about 80lbs.  Has no real interest in food or really anything, and she has always been like this.  My brother used to smoke with her, but he quit, and I think that is the only thing they did together other than drive somewhere to get fast food.

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2 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Does she watch a boatload of tv?

Yes.  It is all my brother or she will do.  They never watch tv together.

My brother does get out once a week or so to go to band practice, and once a week to see my parents.  That is it, though.  He works from home, too.

My parents did things before my mom got sick, so this is on my brother and SIL.

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