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16 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Settings?  That is if you want to help me learn.

Also, filters, do you use them?  I'm going on that waterfall shoot in a few weeks, the suggest filters for long daytime exposures.

Wide open. Meaning the largest aperture your lens has. eg. on this lens it's f/4.0.

ISO whatever it takes to get 1000th or more. ( my hands are not as steady as they used to be)


For the waterfalls it's pretty much the opposite.

Wide angle lens


ISO 100

anywhere from 1 to 30 second exposures

ND Filter 10 stop. It allows you to get longer shutter speeds without over exposing the image. The big stopper is what the pros use. Made by Lee. but it's super expensive. 

I bought a cheap one and it worked fine for me.


I had to experiment quite a bit with it.

Of course you will need a tripod

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5 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

I'm going on that waterfall shoot in a few weeks

Rule #1 - aim the camera at the water.  :P


Ok, I truly apologize for my rude silliness.

As if you didn't know, go in the early morning or late evening.  Once the sun is up higher in the sky it especially complicates getting a good picture of a waterfall.  Many times I've been disappointed with my pictures because I arrived in the middle of the day at a waterfall and the sun overpowered the shot, but since most of my falls pictures were taken during rides I didn't have much choice about timing.  I don't own a neutral density filter because they won't fit any of my cameras, but maybe it's time I took Chris' suggestion and fabricated something to make a filter work.

Many people like the time exposed photos of waterfalls that have that wispy-water look about them, and I'll admit the effect makes a sharp-looking photo.  But more and more I think I prefer the shots that show the water itself because that's how the falls looked like when I was there and that's how I'd prefer to remember them.

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