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1977 revisited


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What comes to mind is that early Sunday morning...I was awake..not many were when Sheila came walking across the grass toward the dorm. Her white dress askew, high heels in her hands, mascara running down her face...and her lovely long red hair..a matted mess..The night before at the "dance"...they had the long advertised disco contest...she and (damn his name is lost to memory) rehearsed and were a shoe in. He was well built, shaggy  dark hair and mustache...Foof was that his name? He didn't  show at the dance..I mean he was too "cool" to be connected with her for this moment..Did he ever show? Did someone else slip her away in the night..or was it just the alcohol.. Disheveled, she made her way home...maybe her roommate heard the tail in its entirety...the rest of us just wonder...


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