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I need help

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I used to work with a woman here, and we'd give each other a ton of crap.  She's since retired.  One day she fell down her basement stairs, split her lip, banged up her knee, hit her head...  I was laughing my butt off on the phone when she was telling me about it.  Her slipper also fell off and landed really far from where she did.

If you're like me (sorry if you are), you immediately thought of Eddie Murphy and Goonie Goo Goo.  So that's what I started calling her, it was funny.  She loved the attention.

Now, there's another person here, and we too give each other a lot of crap.  On Monday she fell up (yes up) the stairs and broke her elbow.

I am not funny, nor creative.  I need something to call her.  

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