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Hey, 'yo.  You didn't like my LF avatar?  It was an oil painting that I did. :huh:  This barn swallow is a cutie I saw in Banff National Park on a mini bike ride.

I noticed we are forbidden to talk politics, etc. here. We have to another special cave for that.  Ok, no probs.  

Ok, which city will get Amazon HQ2....or maybe that's been hashed out.  Our city is gunning for it...they are doing crowdsourcing platforms and local contests. Harness some fun ideas for the bid. 

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4 hours ago, Road Runner said:

The city of Virginia Beach wants to get it too, but I'm pretty sure they have little real chance, especially with all the big competition.

Up in Canada, we never hear about Virginia Beach.  We hear about Detroit trying hard to rise out of the economic ashes, Washington DC, Atlanta, Pittsburgh's rehab., etc.

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