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I wish you all were beers and chocolate chip cookies

Huge Gelatinous Blob

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7 hours ago, Wilbur said:

This is day 2. It’s for real.  

The fasting I was talking about allowed just under 300 calories of fruit or veggies on fast days..  This is a good trial though.

I fasted for 4 days once, no calories, only had water.  It was easy to not have food after a day and a half, but had zero energy.  Walking the dog around the block was a major effort, as was just moving to another room.

I lost 10lbs in those 4 days, so that kind of worked butI don't think I will do a fast the same way again.   it would probably be good to have a few calories, but I don't think you can call that a proper fast.

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