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The first annual Junk in the Trunk


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I spent 4 hours this morning at the first annual Junk in the Trunk tag sale for children and youth services.  We paid $20 for a spot in the high school parking lot to sell whatever we brought in.  I sold my old wrought iron highwheel wall art piece.

Then I got around to selling bike parts, specifically wheel sets.  Nothing great, no carbon wheels etc, just basic wheelsets I had laying around.  Ready........$10 a pair including QR, tubes and tires on one set and brake rotors on another.  Absolutely no interest.  In fact I didn't see anyone who remotely looked like a cyclist.


Then I had a conversation with someone about wall art or making clocks from wheels...............sold both wheel sets bang just like that.



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I scrap wheels for the co-op. One local artist uses the scrap wheels to build a fence, gateway, etc. I pull all the rubber off the steel wheels and remove the brearings, seals, and axle. Then she gets what's left. I totally scrap the aluminum rims. All the metal pieces are sold for scrap, steel and aluminum. If the hub is good, I'll save that for use later. Otherwise, scrap 'em just like the ones off the steel wheels. If I see a wheel with decent spokes, I'll save the spokes.


We sell wheels without tube and tire for $10.

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