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Gravel, mud, rocks, and snow


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2 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

We have a new forum badass, sorry @BuffJim.

@BuffJim was the badass? Smudgy or myself don't even get an honorable mention?  The girls go hard around here.  :D:P

41 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

Can't you give him a different body part?

Bad spleen, or bad kidney, or bad liver?

Badfinger    @AirwickWithCheese



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5 minutes ago, dennis said:

I carry a small bottle of chain lube and use it as necessary. At the moment, my bikes sounds like hell. I'll clean and lube everything tomorrow. Hopefully the brake pads are still good. The bearings might need grease as well. 

After a few rides like this, it would be time for a headset clean and grease too.

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