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Lost Fire Truck?!?!?


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I thought they had GPS & such...  Was at a 4 way intersection,  I'm making a left turn so am in the turn pocket.  A fire truck approaches the intersection in the Eastbound lanes except travelling West and stops right where I need to turn!?!?!  The two guys in the cab are looking at their terminal sitting there blocking traffic with lights & sirens going...  I'm not going to be the "that guy" so when the left arrow light comes on I wait, and wait for the next complete phase of the lights before they figure it out, make a U-Turn and then head back the direction they came.

WTF they couldn't have pulled over to figure out where they are going, they had to block the entire intersection for 5 minutes?!?!? I know first world problems but it seemed pretty inconsiderate to sit where they did and block traffic that long. 

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Saturday afternoon, I heard the siren, peeked out the window and watched the ambulance go up the hill.

Not two minutes later, I here another siren (not unusual b/c the firehouse is across the street & the police house is 2 miles down the road) same looking ambulance comes down the hill. WTF? No way they loaded somebody & were headed to the hospital.

2 minutes later, same siren, same ambulance back up the hill. 


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