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I'll be slumming it starting tomorrow night

Square Wheels

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

I'll take her out to a nice dinner.

(raising hand) i am in town until early saturday. But funeral on Friday. WoScrapr coming over Thursday. What part of town you in? I'm in SE PDX. Woodstock hood

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14 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

Wth is wrong with Portland?  I lived living there!

I tend to stay out of towns that have a high population.  It is too much for me.  I can't drive in that traffic.  I can't function. It is complete culture shock for me.  If I came to visit you in the Metropolis, I would be wide eyed.  I've turned country.

Oakieville is about perfect.  The population is 3000.  :hapydance:

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