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10/5/17 Miles


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Rode in the car for 140 miles. Got home and rushed out for a ride.  It is absolutely beautiful fall weather.  

Pedaled 14.6, Average 10 mph, 2479 of climbing.

Did this loop thing that has no cars.  It's a subdivision that was never developed.  The road is barricaded.  You get 121 ft on the climb and a fun little descent with a turn at the bottom.  I lapped the shit out of it, and pulled down a nice PR. This loop is great, cause I can just be alone and do my thing.  Had my music on and was really having fun in a sort of masochistic way.  Rap, techo and Marilyn Manson kept me on point. At times I found myself singing.  You can do that when you are alone.  HAHA

Just a totally nice training ride today. My watch looked red line.  304 intensity HR minutes with a max of 167 heart rate.  I am definitely feeling better.  Scralp time should be here soon.

I will leave you with this.  It's great to sing to.  I imagine that this is what Brutus would sing right now.



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