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How to Train a Woman Like a Dog.


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3 hours ago, Zephyr said:

Not knowing his background, I am assuming this dudes wife left him for someone who didn't take life so serious

Judging by the video's, I am guessing that he dated a BPD chick and she screwed him over pretty bad somehow.  If you take away the attitude, he really does have sensible advice.

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22 minutes ago, 12string said:

I don't understand this thread.  Why would I want a woman who is like a dog in the first place, then try to train her?  you people are just weird.

If you have a woman who is peeing on the floor, you are going to need to train her.  There is no other way.



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1 minute ago, Dunning Kruger said:

Are you eating pot again?  I asked you a question and you didn't even attempt to answer it in a rational manner. 

Strings is right about you.


If you do not train your woman or your dog, then there is anarchy.  And urine.  So much urine.  And anarchy.

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