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Saskatoon berry pie & bison for thxgiving


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37 minutes ago, jsharr said:

I will bring a pot of Texas Red chili, no beans of course.  

Sounds yummers!

Ya'll welcome to come over for grits...which I don't have any. :flirtyeyess: Just eggless noodles, couscous and some cheese-potato perogies. Well, no we're not eating that. We might have truffle gnocchi to accompany bison. Comes from a great Italian local store.

(Wilbur:  Airdried sausage is amazingly lean. Just need to eat small amount as an hor d'oeuvre.

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2 hours ago, shootingstar said:

Saskatoon berries are found in the prairies. It's smaller, deeper purple than blueberries and has an earthier taste.

Huh. My mom had a Saskatoon blueberry bush that she planted for the birds. We were always told they were too bitter for people. 

Was I being lied to?

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7 hours ago, parodybot said:

I have a hard time imagining anything being too bitter for the likes of you...

She was influencing her children with her taste....which is not fair to you. Saskatoon berries are a healthy fruit....so not good to slag it just because it's bitter. Why did she plant that bush in the first place????  No, most Saskatoon berries I've tried, aren't bitter at all.  

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