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Only in Texas, okay, not really, but still


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Went to grab some lunch.  Turn onto Preston Road off of 635 (major intersection) and what to my wondering eyes does appear?  A cowboy and a rabbi walking north on Preston past the Gold and Silver exchange.  Yep.  Typical Texas cowboy look.  Boots, starched Wranglers, starched western shirt, nice straw hat and what is he carrying, what appears to me to be a long gun in a soft case.  His walking companion was wearing a conservative solid black suit, black shoes, black felt hats and I am not sure what you call the thing with the knotted strings under the jacket, but you could see the ends of it as well.


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Tzit tzit or something the sort.  Back when I was a bad ass I was part of a protective detail for the Rabbi Hier.  They had several Jewish protective agents available but he wanted me, a brown Catholic dude to be his primary agent.  I spent 2 weeks by his side and escorted him everywhere.  

Truly an enlightened guy and I was truly enriched being by his side.  He even told me not to jeopardize my life for him, seek my own safety over his.  

I got in a pretty interesting situation too. No one died but several injuries as some radicalized Jews tried to intimidate and bully the Rabbi at a conference. I got a couple of them down and hauled ass with the Rabbi as LAPD did the rest.

He ended up hiring his own security detail, I was a contracted thug, and he offered me a job but I declined.

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2 hours ago, jsharr said:

...what is he carrying, what appears to me to be a long gun in a soft case...


You don't see that in Central Maryland anymore - it makes me yearn for a simpler, safer time.  In the early 1960's in our suburb just South of Baltimore, several of us 12-14 years old would carry our 22's in a case, walk a mile on the main street of a residential neighborhood to Sears, walk in and buy 50-packs of cheap 22-short shells, then walk another mile through residential neighborhoods to an abandoned chalk quarry and stick targets against the clay/chalk mini-cliffs and do target practice.

No one who saw us: police, old ladies, salesmen, etc., thought anything was out of place about it.  Back then crime was virtually non-existent in our area.  The last homicide in a large community of 30,000 people just inside and outside the city lines had occurred in 1913, and that was an outraged mob grabbing a jailed prisoner, taking him out, and hanging him from a tree.  When I was 13 in 1963-4, another 8th grader and I got extra recess time after lunch from the nuns at our Catholic Elementary School (Saint Rose of Lima, the first saint born in the Americas) on Fridays to carry a clearly marked large bank bag of $300-$600 ($2500-$500 in 2017 dollars), walking 1/2 mile from the school through a lower middle-class neighborhood to the bank.  No one ever considered we were being put in the danger we'd be in today and no one ever troubled us.

Now there are a couple murders most years and people are afraid to let young kids roams the streets and parks and play by themselves.

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