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Wet dogs


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1 hour ago, team scooter said:

We cant get our dogs to go out in the rain. Even when they need to go potty.

When he starts to get desperate, Gus will go to the other door. Apparently it’s not raining out that one. ?

1 hour ago, team scooter said:

But if its snowing, we cant keep them inside.

Gus doesn’t really like snow, either. (Zoe, OTOH would go out and do laps around the house and breakdance in the snow).

Big, tough, badass, male Rottweiler. ?

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When my Cody was still with us she hated the rain.  When she had to go out back to do her business she would stay under this 2" awning that had the only dry spot in the yard.  Yeah she hated the rain...  Jack doesnt seem to bothered by it. He just loves to get out.

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9 hours ago, Airehead said:

Gus is a sweetie boy  candy ass.

If I’m going out, he’ll go, but he has to be in pretty desperate straits to go out in the rain, just to take care of business.

If I’m out shoveling snow, he will stay out for a few minutes and then stand by the steps: “Uh....I’d like to go in now....” Zoe would run around the yard, rolling in the snow, barking.

If I have him out while mowing the lawn, and it’s hot out, he’ll be wanting to go in after just a few minutes.

He’s such a delicate orchid....

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