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Off to a ruff start


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Somewhere in Indiana at 1am trying to find a place to park the rv for the night. With the road construction the and stuff the gps took us down some city side streets 

Wo46 was driving and I was half asleep, she asked me if the bridge was to low and I said I think it will be fine.

So who has a air conditioner for a rv for sale? 

I was off by about 6 inches and she said that's the last time she will listen to me. 

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30 minutes ago, Further said:

Bummer. Any damage other than the AC ?

Just the AC

3 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Stuff happens.  Hope you have better luck on the rest of the trip.

The weather calls for 100% change of rain and my race is at 10am .....I hate racing in mud 

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6 hours ago, team scooter said:


That's why I could never have a roof top bike carrier. :wacko:


When I had one I would keep my garage door in the glove box so I wouldn't mindlessly pull into the garage.  It worked too as a couple of times I pulled up, reached for the garage opener on the visor, didn't feel it and thought oh damn....

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