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I fixed my DVD player!


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1 hour ago, smudge said:

It's the DVD player in my kitchen tv. The tray hasn't opened in years, and I finally had enough. 

I took it off the cabinet, opened it up, watched a couple YouTube videos to get some ideas, got desperate and took the player out of the tv unit. I started seeing things mentioned in the YouTube videos and decided it needs a new tray motor. I moved the gears to get the tray back in, and the spinner seemed to do a little clunk. Hmmm... I plugged the unit in, pushed the button, and it worked!!


I put it all back together and remounted it under the cabinet. It still worked! I opened it one more time, put in a DVD, and watched a movie! Then I opened the tray, took out the DVD, and closed the tray again. Yay!! The tray on my DVD player works!!

Proud that I fixed it, but I'm totally accepting I got lucky on the fix. 

Nothing works quite as well as that first complete visual inspection.  Good on ya.

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