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Pray for me!


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14 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

WOW...that was awesome!!  :cheerleader:  How does it feel...now that you are stationary?

I got home, took a shower, knocked back a couple ibuprophen, had a sub for lunch, stretched out on the couch, put an ice pack on the knee. Now that I test it out, it's pretty stiff. And a little tender. Hmm, better walk around a bit. I think. ??

Thanks for the cheer! :) 

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4 hours ago, smudge said:

I survived! It was a rough start, but then I found my groove.

My first pedal stroke with my bad knee was a bad one. I wasn't ready to do it, knee wasn't warmed up...ugh. I went about a half mile and went home. I shed my jacket, and I took the 90° flexion stopper out of the brace. I still kinda pedaled with a gimp, but by then I could do a full pedal stroke. And all was well. It was slow, but it went well. 

Thanks for your support!



Congrats!!  Woohooo!

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10 hours ago, Randomguy said:

Wow, first ride on a repaired knee and you went 13 miles?  I would have gone two or five miles just to loosen the leg up, good job!

It takes two miles just to loosen up the knee enough to make a full pedal stroke. Seriously.

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