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how big a field is required to land a dirigible?


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I drove by the Goodyear Blimp Carson, CA field 2X a day for years and would see it take off & land often.  The actual field isn't as large as one might think... it's just a little longer and about 2X as wide as the blimp itself.

It basically comes to a hover over the field, drops a line and a bunch of guys pull it down and anchor it.  Take off is kinda cool as it goes in an extreme nose up angle and just floats away.

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2 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Theare is in Teaxas miaster.  All woards are biagager thaere. 

OK, FIFY then.

He and his sock puppets have a tendency to let me know it if I make a typing error.  I like to remind him when he's not perfect (which we all know is not often).

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