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10/9 - Columbus Day Miles

Buzz Kill

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I avoided riding on Sunday because I didn't want to clean my bike afterwards. I opted to wait until the rain was gone for good Monday afternoon and enjoy the balmy weather.

Well, apparently, whatever came through Sunday night was much stronger than I thought. On my ride, I encountered two trees completely down and blocking the trail. For one, I had to backtrack a bit and ride on the horse path to climb over the trunk. For the next one, I had to carry my bike while squeezing through the branches. 

In any case, there was so much debris on the trail - sticks, leaves, big green seed thingeys, etc, that I opted to choose a different route home via roads as much as possible.

Needless to say, I still had to clean my bike after the ride :( 52.9 miles @17.7 mph.



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