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World's best restaurant


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British food was excellent until Hard Rock came along and spoiled it. :) 

I was just North of Kingston upon Hull going to fly in an acquaintances Dragon Rapide and we stopped at a small pub for lunch.  I had a pie that was Boar, Pheasant and Venison.  Absolutely, the best meal I have ever had.  UK is full of fine food. 


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Sour bread and sour butter sounds a bit challenging. I've seen the guy cooking on the tv, he is full of adventure & creativity. There is a lot of local and family input into the restaurant. Comparing prices around the fancy restaurants that price for the tasting menu isn't far out.

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1 hour ago, MickinMD said:

It's 95 Pounds ($125 US) for the Tasting Menu. I don't think I'd want to pay 15 Pounds ($20 US) extra for "Strawberries and Hay."


$125 is a little steep but $95 is not a bad price.  You can't do the conversion to USD when travelling unless you are buying objects like clothing you can also buy in the US.  Local pricing is local currency.  They earn in pound sterling and spend in pound sterling.  It all works out. 

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