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Early morning visit


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14 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

I was hoping for a picture of Smokey :( 

Good luck with your flooring project....I am glad I am done with mine!!

My wife and I are normally not at the barn at the same time, and he doesn't sit still except in eating behind a board fence.  It might be a while before you get a photo.  I hope he is still friendly after he visits the vet on Friday morning.  Nice we live in a small town, as one of the techs indicated she will bring him to our house after the office closes, if the sheep shearing is still going after 5:00pm. She has also bought sheep from us in the past.

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20 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

When checking to make sure all of your sheep are accounted for do you ever fall asleep before you have them all counted?

No problem, as there are too many sheep to count.  I normally count the kids, to make sure none are missing or out of place.  There are only 7 kids. There are two kids that wander away so they can eat hay in other places, but they have learned I will open gates for them so they can return to the rest of the group.

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