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Dr. appt this AM

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12 hours ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I heard about that, along with the reasons for the decision.

The piece in the news contained plenty of information about being sensitive to girls or young ladies who wanted to join the Boy Scouts and how the Scouts were accommodating that.

There was nothing in the piece about being sensitive to the people who were presently involved in Scouting who would prefer the Boy Scouts remain the Boy Scouts and how to accommodate them.  It seemed to me their feelings and wishes were considered less important, if they were even considered at all.

Actually, each unit will be free to decide if it wants to accept girls.  Cub Scout Packs can decide to have no girls, an all girl pack and and all boy back or a coed pack with girl dens and boy dens.  The plan for Boy Scouts has not been announced as it has more moving parts.

In most other areas of the world, Scouting is already coed.  At this years National Jamboree, my district shooting sports chair met young women from 7 different countries who attended.  They loved being able to shoot rifles and pistols as they can not do that in their own programs at home.

Cub Scouts is already "family" centered and the entire family is welcome at all Pack events and camp outs.  All Scouting programs in the US have female leadership.  

I will leave you with this quote from the founder of the scouting movement, Lord Baden-Powell

I have over and over again explained that the purpose of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Movement is to build men and women as citizens endowed with the three H's namely, Health, Happiness and Helpfulness. The man or woman who succeeds in developing these three attributes has secured the main steps to success this Life.

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