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I had forgotten all about this song (Meat Loaf content)


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I bought Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell on a cassette, shortly after the first time I ever heard "Paradise By The Dashboard Light " at about age 18 (1990 or so).  I played that cassette I don't know how many times.... it ended up getting screwed up somehow and I remember cracking open the cassette and putting the actual tape reels in another housing so I could still listen to it.

Then '93 or '94 came and I stopped listening to "classic rock" all the time, since newer music was catching my ear again.  I heard "Paradise" once in a great while but the rest of the album slipped onto my back burner, such that I never thought of it or even considered that I might want to hear it again.

A couple weeks ago was Mr. Loaf's birthday and the radio station I listen to played a shortened version of the title track - and I thought to myself "holy s**t, that sounds great".

A few days later I spent $2 on the CD at the used shop in Princeton - and it all came back.  Especially this one - it floored me that a song I basically forgot about entirely could hit me so hard.  It's overblown, and sophomoric, and sappy at the end, but it blows me away.  Especially the change from B-flat-major to B-flat minor, at 1:36, and again (with orchestra!) at 4:37.

According to Wikipedia the album was released October 21, 1977 - just about the 40th anniversary.   My hat's off to you, Marvin Lee Aday.


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