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1 minute ago, Randomguy said:

How is the eating vegan/unhealthy diet going?  The SAD diet is still not going well for me.

Eating at home is fine.  If I pick and choose restaurants, it's still OK.  Portland was so easy to eat.  When I went to Greece, it was impossible.  The language barrier made it a little harder, but lots of fried stuff and lots of meat.  Very few veggies.  I ate a lot of chicken.

The longer I do it, the more likely I'll keep doing it.  It's like when I had to stop eating gluten.  Really hard at the beginning, but it gets easier.  I miss a lot of my gluten foods, I don't miss meat at all, or dairy.  Maybe ice cream.  Lots of candy has milk in it too, that's probably a blessing in disguise.

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