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1 hour ago, ChrisL said:

Nice!  I've been an Asics fan for years, never ran in Brooks.

Thanks. I tried on four other shoes; asics, saucony, hoka, new balance. I'm by no means a jogger, but the brooks felt so much better than the others. Perhaps that why I stick w/ them, and the same model. The shoe store guy mentioned that brooks are known for having more ankle support, and that's exactly what I thought. And they're blue..so they're fast :)

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3 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

bike club chick is doing a couple 5ks later this year... need I say more?

There was once a little bunny that decided to cross the railway tracks even though he knew better.

As he was crossing, a train came along and chopped off the bunnies tail.

When it did, the bunny turned to look and the next wheel chopped off it's head.

Moral of the story..

Don't lose your head over a piece of tail. :)  

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