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:flirtyeyess: The LGS (Local Grocery Store) by work is owned by 2 brothers...(they now have 2 stores) and they are awesome...great meat & fish, a way bigger cheese selection than a neighborhood store should have and well...nice pumpkins..$6.99 for that beauty....I like supporting them...I get most of my meat there..they make their own brats...way better than the packaged stuff...So yeah...I have picked up my pumpkins there for the last few years. 

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We take the granddaughters to the corn maze and they take the hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick their pumpkin. I told them they can have any size pumpkin they want but they have to carry it, I'm not toting around for them.  They choose the one dollar pumpkins. Win, win. :hapydance:

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wrong pumpkin, and too big to taste good.  Those orange ones are OK for bread, cookies, soup, but bad for pies.


Musque de Provence.  Sometimes called a cheese pumpkin.  Or grouped in with other colored "Fairytale Pumpkins".  Get them no bigger than about 8".  Taste great!

People know we use a lot of pumpkin for soups and baking, so after Halloween we tend to get a lot of them showing up on our deck.  Can't convince them to keep the oversized ones.  But at least I can roast the seeds

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17 hours ago, Longjohn said:

I just read the story and saw the news cast. Salt Lake City, at least ten kids in the home, easy to misplace one I imagine. :whistle:

Hell it's hard enough counting the wives!

I heard the couple did not miss the kid until the next morning! I expect dhs will be showing up shortly. Where did the missing kid stay? Sleep in the corn?

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