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Are you wearing a fanny pack right now?


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1 hour ago, Randomguy said:

I loved my really big fanny pack when I first started mountain biking, that thing was awesome.  Carried a lot of stuff, kept it low, and you could just spin it around to the front to get things out.

Yup, 1992 was great in lots of ways.

They are making a comeback.  People find it is easier to carry for a MTB ride.  

I am not switching again.  I like my camelback.  iT is quite comfortable.

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I wear one when Wo46 and I are doing some longer days cross country skiing. I can carry wax and snacks and the keys for the truck in the fanny pack. 

And I don't care what you think in my little world I'm cool.

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I have a friend who is a college professor and a vegan triathlete. She has always worn her fanny pack when running. She is cute enough to get away with it. I remember taking my kids for a family bike rides and we all had stuff mart bikes. We bought 99 cent fanny packs (they were already out of style) and used them for handle bar bags.

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I have a bright pink one that I use when I walk or on short hikes...tissue and bug dope, chapstick, keys and the phone....oh and a little change purse with drivers license.... No purse on walks and not gonna leave one in the car...

On bike trips...I take a bandana and use it as a handle..to the handlebar bag ...where I usually keep my phone/camera, cash and glasses....

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