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Am I a jerk

Square Wheels

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4 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

or usually right?

It's probable that you are indeed 'usually right' when compared to many people today.  It seems to me more and more people make decisions emotionally instead of rationally.  Perhaps because it's easier and quicker to take a measure one's feelings than it is to logically evaluate the actions, reactions, and consequences of a decision.

Being a technical person, your thought processes tend to run less towards emotional decisions and more towards rational ones.  By comparison to people who decide with their feelings (how they feel things are or wish they were), you have a higher probability of making a decision that has accurately assessed the conditions (i.e. reality).

And reality offers no kindness to wishes or feelings.  The people around you who use emotions to make their decisions look to you and see your decisions more frequently match the outcome you expect.  They can't figure it out, and may even be envious.  Their perception is that you are 'usually right' (the effect) instead of recognizing that you are a more rational and logical thinker (the cause). 


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