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Unsure of change, but cyling there anyway


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Ralph I accepted a job and relocated from Vancouver several yrs. ago. But still have 1 foot in Vancouver..well hey 3 bikes are stored there. I have a full suite of cycling clothing there, helmet, etc. so I never have to pack clothing to spend time them there. 1 bike here where I am. Dearie has 2 bikes here...I conceded he could store his folding bike in suite.. If I wasn't a cyclist, it's doubtful that would be tolerated.  He has also 2 bikes in Vancouver,etc.  1 bike in Toronto at son's place. Before his last visit there, he was trying to remember the colour of his bike helmet he left there.  (So yea, he has 3 helmets in 3 different cities.)

Yea, sometimes I forget where some stuff is.  Dearie told me somehow he has 3 sets of cycling underlayers in Vancouver...wrong place, instead of prairies.  Somehow he ended up putting 3 business suits here..makes no sense.  But hey going off to weddings in Toronto and then going westward home, it's easy to get lost and uncoordinated in huge Canada. :flirtyeyess: Dropping off your belongings in different cities.  :slow-dance-smiley:

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