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Have you ever gotten airborne on your bike?

Road Runner

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Jumping and cornering are the fun parts of riding MTBs.  I used to own a dirt bike. Jumping that thing was the absolute best.  The suspension just sucks up all that force. 

I love the feeling of the preload and the pop when you go into a jump.  If you get the timing wrong you don't get good air.  Get it right and you get floaty, long lived airtime. :loveshower:

Sometimes, I get air on accident and break fingers.  


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Labor Day weekend- WoW and I went on a rail/trail ride with another couple. The girls needed a restroom at the turnaround town and there was a grocery nearby. As we headed back to the trail, I jumped the bike off a small concrete landing onto the trail. Probably only about 18” drop. I heard tires skid behind me and “$#!+! No way!” I stoped and waited for them to come around the proper way. Hadn’t done anything like that in a while. It was fun!

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Riding to work on day, an SUV made a right on red and didn't see the motorcycle till the last second.  Didn't see the bike (me) until - I realized I was about to get hit so I did the bunny hop and hip check maneuver so I wouldn't get run over.  Luckily, the shoulder was pretty wide and when she heard the thump she hit the brakes.  Not really sure how high, only a couple feet I guess, I managed to land shiny side up so I just kept pedalling, looked to the left and exchanged head shakes with the biker.  SUV pulled into the parking lot, probably for a change of undergarments.

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