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How big is your nose?


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None of us was self-conscious about our noses in elementary school, grades 1-8 because we had a girl named "Ferris."

"Nose, Nose, anything goes. Ferris has the biggest nose."

Kids can be cruel.

Later, we organized a 20-year graduation anniversary of our 8th Grade Graduation class of 100 people and almost everyone attended.

It was a Catholic school so many of us went to many different high schools and lost touch after the 8th grade.

My date was a fellow classmate name Lauretta and though most attendees were recognizable, there were a few who changed enough we had to whisper to each other "Who's that?"

But once the right name was thought of, the resemblance to the kid we knew was obvious.

Except for one. Every time you started a new conversion with old classmates, someone would point at the same particular woman and ask, "Who is she?"

Suddenly, Lauretta said, "Oh my God, I know who she is! That's Ferris!"

Ferris had had plastic surgery somewhere in the intervening years and looked great!  And her nose was now smaller than most of the rest of us!

Ever since, the most of rest of us must have wondered if our noses are too big!

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