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Sunday dinner

Parsnip Totin Jack

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Boneless leg of lamb, coated with a plaster of coarse lay chopped garlic, Rosemary, salt and pepper, roasted with diced potatoes in a cast iron skillet at 350 for almost two hours. Served with green beans, steamed in water and a little bacon grease and a baguette of crusty French bread. Beverage is Stone Arrogant Bastard.

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1 hour ago, BuffJim said:

I'm at Hank's Oyster Bar in DC. Fried Oysters and Green Beans. The oysters are awesome. 

Spent the afternoon at the Smithsonian. Went to Air and Space, American Indian, and American History museums. 

Cool, DC this time of year is great. Less crowds.  Say hey to Tom AKA Razor.

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Yea, it's kinda hard to kick out the Asian inspirations outta me. I feel something missing my life when I don't have any ginger root in the root bin. :flirtyeyess: 

Quite seriously, my partner is creative and good at making up salads on the fly, including the salad dressings.  I feel like my salads lack pizzaz compared to his.  

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Babysitting a 9-year old nephew while his parents went to the 49ers at Redskins game, we went to Wegman's Supermarket to pick out a ready-to-cook dinner.  He didn't like any of them.  We ended up with four huge slices of hot pizza.  We also got trail mix and Klondike "Reeses" Ice cream sandwiches for watching the NFL on TV and had a good time except the Ravens were awful on offense and lost in overtime.

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