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Garth sighting....


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2 minutes ago, Rattlecan said:

Well, just so you don't feel left out  https://www.facebook.com/groups/261080540727532/

If you're over 50 and ride a bike, you're in, if you're not, get off my lawn.

Oh, and the gate keeper is strict about that.

Petite is his gatekeeper.  She lets anyone in.

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I saw Garth on there. I snagged a video off his timeline and shared it. I always liked Garth's posts about booting tires with a big gash in them and riding them for several more thousand miles and his use of Vaseline for a chamois crème and no need to launder your shorts. Facebook was the first time I ever saw a photo of him, he looks about like I imagined. :D

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13 hours ago, ChrisL said:

Garth is a good dude. He gave some good advice and we had a  couple of good off line discussions.  Glad to hear he is doing well.

Yep. I liked Garth and his advice. I didn't follow much of it, but I liked that he gave it and was willing to document.  I sort of feel DonKPow is "Garth-lite" ;)


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