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Can We Consistently Use "Sexbot" Instead of "Sex Robot"?

Fret Buzz

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5 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

You do realize when they are mainstream they will include male sex bots for the ladies and they will not drink beer, fart or want sandwiches made.  And they'll all be hung like a Jerusalem Pony.  We may never see real boobies again.  :(

Have you compared "real boobies" to "fake sexbot boobies" lately?


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12 minutes ago, Goat Geddah said:

This whole sex-bot infatuation on this forum is weird shit.

Only in the past context.  It is like internet dating, sounded like something only losers did when eharmony was the only game in town decades (or whenever) ago.  Now you can't find a single, single person who isn't on a dating site, at least not one who wants a realistic shot at meeting something other than a future sexbot.

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