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Oct 16 miles and such


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If none of you slackers will start this thread, I guess I'll have to (sassy!)

Went to camp today and brought the fattie.   4.67 miles today!!   I was scared to ride it at first; then it was good. I was too scared to ride through all the water holes along the two-tracks and the gravel camp road. (they got 2" of rain Saturday, and the place is still soaked!)  I DID get brave on the way back to camp and road through 2 of the lakes across the camp road. I knew they weren't deep, and I had to do it at some point. It was so easy it was fun; I almost turned around and did it again. (blushy)

So ya. A safe, successful first ride gettin' back on the fattie. whew!

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Good job Smudge! You'll be schralpin in no time. I got nothing. Had a meeting with the Supervisory Committee at 3:00. Got home at 4:30 and opened an IPA. One led to another. Made chicken nachos for dinner. I will ride this afternoon with Mike, Daniel and Eric. Eric is a runner who signed up for the Bike to Brooklyn ride. He's going to ride from DC to Brooklyn this Saturday. 267 miles, nonstop. Then run a marathon in NYC. I hope he's ready.

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